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Custom software development services

Our Services

In addition to providing our Moneyspire commercial personal finance software used by thousands of people and businesses in over 100 countries, we provide high quality software development services with over 20 years of experience. We are a custom software developer specializing in software development for both small and large businesses. We are honest and dependable, delivering results on time and on budget - Leverage our years of experience and expertise!

Desktop apps

Desktop Apps

Desktop application development for Mac, Windows and Linux in Xojo, Visual Studio, Java, C++ and other languages.

Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile application development for iOS and Android in Xojo, Xcode, Android Studio and other development platforms.

Web apps

Web Apps & More

Web application development for desktop and mobile in PHP, Javascript, Xojo, Visual Studio and other web frameworks — And much more.

Past Projects

Project 1

Billing Assurance Software

The world's first billing assurance software for time tracking and invoicing fraud protection. Developed in Visual Basic.

Project 2

Mobile Forensics Software

Forensics software used by law enforcement, investigators and major corporations all around the world to investigate and build cases against criminals and defendants. Developed in Objective-C.

Project 2

Personal Finance Software

Financial management software used by people in over 100 countries around the world, with data syncing between desktop and mobile devices, as well as syncing with banks. Developed in Xojo.

Other Past Work

  • Moved real estate website frontend and backend to new server and modernized code.
  • Developed intelligent employee car pooling application for one of the largest companies in the world to save on carbon emissions tax.
  • Developed Windows workstation lock application to secure down workstation when user leaves, as well as to automatically secure workstation at certain times and to prevent certain applications from launching.
  • Developed secure password manager to store all passwords in central database.
  • Developed application to remind user of important tasks at certain times of day.
  • Developed command-based application to allow users to quickly launch applications, websites and command-lines to improve employee productivity.
  • Worked on improving customer portal, fixing bugs and adding functionality.
  • Worked on employee scheduling system for one of the largest companies in the world.
  • Improved licensing system and fixed issues with online activation system.
  • Developed challenge/response based email spam filter.
  • Developed website and portal for a high level soccer club.
  • Developed a study application with multiple test types, hints, text-to-speech functionality to read questions to the user, and test score reports.
  • Ported crucial C++ library from Mac to Windows so client could enter PC market.
  • Worked on importing data from CSV files that have no uniform structure.
  • Worked on importing data from Quicken and QuickBooks formats.
  • Implemented Open Financial Exchange protocol for online banking services.
  • Implemented Yodlee financial aggregation services.
  • Implemented Plaid Technologies financial aggregation services.
  • Worked on media applications utilizing DirectX and OpenGL.

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