Moneyspire Cloud

Moneyspire Cloud is a secure service that allows you to easily share your Moneyspire data between multiple computers and mobile devices.

To Setup Moneyspire Cloud

  1. Click the Tools->Moneyspire Cloud Setup menu option.

  2. Sign in to your Moneyspire Cloud account, or create a new one if you don’t have one.

  3. Now your Moneyspire data is in the cloud and is accessible between multiple computers and devices.

To Open Your Moneyspire Cloud Data On Another Computer

  1. Click the File->Open menu option (or click the Open an existing Moneyspire data file button in the welcome screen).

  2. Click the Moneyspire Cloud button.

  3. Sign in with your Moneyspire Cloud username and password.

To sign into the mobile app, open the Moneyspire app on the device and fill in your Moneyspire Cloud username and password.

Note: When using Moneyspire Cloud, you must close the Moneyspire app every time you are done making changes so that those changes can be uploaded to the cloud.

CAUTION: Your data will be deleted from the Moneyspire Cloud if you click the Delete button in the Tools ->Moneyspire Cloud Setup

You may also change your Moneyspire Cloud password from the Tools->Moneyspire Connect Setup menu option.