Adding payees

Payees let you specify to whom your money is going to. For example, when inputting a transaction for your electric bill, you can specify the payee as your electric company. Normally you don't have to manually add payees because they are automatically added when you input your transactions, however you may want to manually add or edit your payee list. To add or edit a payee, click on the Tools->Payees menu option and then click the Add or Edit button. Below is an explanation of the fields you have to fill in:

Payee Name

The name of the payee. This can be anything you want, such as "Electric Company."

Account Number

The reference account number for the payee. For example, this can be your electric bill's account number. This is optional, and is used solely for your convenience.


This is the payee's mailing address. This is optional.


These are any notes you want to enter about the payee. This is optional.



Moneyspire allows you to easily transfer money from one account to another. Simply add a transaction as usual, and in the Category box click on the popup arrow button and a list will appear, and select the account you want to transfer the amount to. You will find all the transfer accounts at the top of the list prefixed with "Transfer". For example, if you want to transfer to your MasterCard, you would select "Transfer:MasterCard". This feature lets you easily move money around in between accounts, in the same way you move money around in between categories.