How to create custom date reminders (bi-weekly, quarterly, etc.)

Often one would require setting up reminders for different types of date occurrences. That's no problem with Moneyspire!
Note: If you don't need to review and confirm the transaction reminder, it's recommended to select Moneyspire to automatically record the transaction reminder.

Bi-weekly reminders (fortnight / 14 days)

One may have some regular transactions that happen every 2 weeks, salary, for example. You can add a reminder for them if you set the Frequency to Daily and select 14 days, meaning, the transaction would appear on the calendar every 14 days.


You would similarly set up a reminder for every 4 weeks (every 28 days) with a difference of the number of days it to work by. 



It's a common confusion that the 2- or 4-week reminders would be added through the Weekly Frequency, however, the reminder is created by setting a serial number of days in the daily type of the reminder, while the weekly is counting by the serial number of the day of the week in the month, which is coming in handy for the following type of the reminder:

Reminder on the 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4rth week of the month

Some companies pay the salary on a specific day of the week (f.e., on the second Wednesday of the month). It's not that difficult to create a reminder for such transactions in Moneyspire. One just has to tinker over it by setting Weekly Frequency, then selecting the day of the week to remind you by (in the screenshot - Wednesday). Finally, set the Occurrence for the serial number of the day of the week (Second) and the first reminder date.



Quarterly reminders (every 3 months)

Sometimes you would have to make quarterly payments like taxes. To set up a reminder for them, select Monthly Frequency and Occurrence: every third.


Bi-annual reminders (every 6 months)

Some may have special arrangements that come once in a while, like every 6 months. To set up reminders for such transactions, select Monthly Frequency, and Occurrence: every sixth.

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