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QIF (or QMTF) file was imported incorrectly into Moneyspire.

Please be sure you chose to export all the data in your other software to the QIF file (such as all accounts, payees, categories, correct date range, etc.). Because of this, it is worthwhile to go back and export a new QIF file, double checking that you chose all the correct export options. Then click the File > New File menu option in Moneyspire and setup a new Moneyspire data file and import your QIF file again.

Also, be sure you chose the correct date format in the Moneyspire QIF Import window (you can open the QIF file in a text editor and scroll down to the transactions section to see the internal date format).

Finally, some software may export QIF files that have errors. If you need assistance, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.