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(Screenshot of preferences window)


To open the options window, on Mac, click on the Moneyspire > Preferences menu option. On Windows, click on the Tools > Options menu option. Below is an explanation of the available fields:

Text Color

The color of the text displayed in the grids (such as the account and transaction grids.)

Background Color

The background color displayed in the grids.

Background Color 2

The second background color displayed in the grids.

Deposit Color

The color that positive amounts (i.e. deposits, credits) will be displayed in.

Withdrawal Color

The color that negative amounts (i.e. withdrawals, charges) will be displayed in.

Reset Colors

Click here to reset the colors to the defaults.

Text Size

The text size used throughout the application, such as the transaction register, etc.

Use form to add and edit transaction

Use a popup form to add and edit transactions for easier reading (instead of adding/editing transactions inline).

Don't remember last date when adding transaction

When adding transactions use today's date as the default value instead of the previously entered transaction's date.

Automatically mark as cleared when adding transaction

When adding a transaction automatically mark it as cleared instead of leaving it unchecked by default.

Don't automatically mark as cleared when importing transaction

When importing transactions don't mark them as cleared but instead leave them unchecked.

Don't automatically categorize imported transactions

When importing transactions don’t automatically categorize them.

Play sound effects

Play cash register sound effect when saving transactions.

Start page

Whether to start on the Overview or Accounts screen when launching the Moneyspire application.

Backup Folder

The folder in which to store the automated data backups.

Keep backups for

This is the number of days Moneyspire will keep your automated backups for.

Data Folder

The folder in which to store your Moneyspire data files.