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How to import transactions from bank

  • Login to your online banking website.
  • Download your transaction information to an 'OFX', 'QFX' or 'QIF' file. Most banks support these formats, please consult your bank's customer service department for assistance if you are having difficulty downloading the file. Some banks may label OFX/QFX files as "Quicken" or "Microsoft Money" instead.
  • In the software, open the account you want to import the transactions to, and then click the File->Import menu option depending on what type of file you have downloaded.
  • Then select the file you just downloaded from your bank and follow the onscreen instructions.

*Whenever possible, it is recommended that you download your data exclusively in the OFX/QFX format, because it is a more modern format than QIF is. However, using QIF is just fine if that is the only format your bank supports.

*When you first import data from your bank, you will most likely have an incorrect balance because your bank usually does not include your entire transaction history from the past. To fix this, edit the account (from the Tools->Accounts menu) and set the Initial Balance field to the difference between your account's actual balance and the balance that is reported in the program. This will then update your account's balance to the accurate value.