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Generating Reports

Moneyspire allows you to easily generate reports that help you analyze your finances. To generate a report, click on Reports on the top and select your desired report options. You can also print reports or export to spreadsheet or PDF files. Also, you can email reports (for example, to your accountant, colleague or spouse) and be notified when they view the report. Below is an explanation of the different reports you can generate:

Income vs. Expense Summary

This report shows your income and expenses for a given time period.

Income vs. Expense Detail

This report shows your income and expenses for a given time period. This report also displays individual transaction details.

Transaction History

This report shows your transaction history for all the accounts, categories and payees you have selected, within the chosen time period.

Balance Sheet

This report shows your account balances and net worth.

Expenses Chart

This report displays a pie/donut chart for the total expenses incurred for a given time period.

Net Worth Chart

This report displays your net worth trend over the last 12 months.

Monthly Comparison Report

The Monthly Comparison Report summarizes by category, by month for the periods of the last 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods

Saving Reports/Loading Saved Reports

You may save a report for later use. To do this, click the File > Save Report menu option. To load a saved report, click the report from the Shortcuts bar on the left side. To delete a saved report or change its name, click on the Tools > Saved Reports menu option.

Exporting Spreadsheet

You may export your report to a spreadsheet file so you can work with your data in your spreadsheet application. To do this, click the File > Export Spreadsheet menu option.