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Installing Moneyspire on a Mac

The first step to use the software is to install it. Let's go through it if you're a Mac user.


1) Visit, go to Download and select Download for Mac

This will initiate the download of the installation file, which will appear in the downloads folder in Dock as the screenshot shows

2)Double-click on the file to install.

Now we'll go through all the steps in the installation window. 

2.1) Introduction 
(you can just click Continue - it's just a welcome message)

2.2)License agreement. 

You can read it at once or you can do it later in Help -> License agreement. Anyway, you would be asked to accept the License agreement, so if you click Continue, you get the following window.

2.3) Destination Select
In this step, you would be selecting the disk to install Moneyspire on. As you know, there is one all-purpose disk on Mac OS (Macintosh HD), which you can split for various purposes. In this particular case, the disk is not split.

Select the disk and hit Continue.

2.4) Installation type
This is an information window. Hit Install

3) Fill in your Mac Administrator's credentials and hit Install Software

 Now the installation itself: wait for the progress bar to be filled and..... Congrats! You have successfully installed Moneyspire!

Now it's high time to launch the program to fill in your license or run the free trial! You will find the program in the Applications folder or the Launchpad.