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When traveling, you would majorly depend on Moneyspire Cloud or any other Cloud Storage, so it is vital to know how to keep your data safe.

When using Moneyspire Cloud:

  1. Tools -> Moneyspire Cloud Setup is used only to upload data to the Cloud.
  2. If you need to open the data from the Cloud, on the secondary computer, click on File -> Open -> Moneyspire Cloud -> fill in your Cloud credentials.
  3. After that, you don't need to go and open the data from the cloud every time - once you launch Moneyspire, you would be prompted to Moneyspire Cloud login - just fill in your credentials and you're ready to go! All the changes you have made during the session will be saved on both, the Cloud and your computer when you close the application.
  4. If you close the Moneyspire Cloud login window, it means that all the changes would be recorded on your computer ONLY.

NOTE: If you have accidentally closed the login window, it's not a big deal: continue using Moneyspire as usual, just remember to upload the latest changes from the secondary computer to the Cloud as in Step 1 and to open it on the primary computer as in Step 2.


 When using other Cloud Storage (like Dropbox): 

You can change the default location of the data and backup folders to the ones inside your Cloud Storage Folder so that you don't have to update the data file every time you get hold of the other computer:

  1. Go to your Cloud Storage Folder -> create a Moneyspire folder -> inside Moneyspire Folder create 2 more folders: Data and Backup.
  2. Open Moneyspire -> click Tools -> Options (Windows)/Preferences(Mac) -> click Browse to set the backup folder and navigate to the Backup folder you have created in Step 1 -> the same for the Data accordingly -> hit OK.
  3. Click File -> Save as -> navigate to the Data folder -> rename the file to a usual name -> hit Save.
  4. Log into your Cloud Storage on the other computer.
  5. Open Moneyspire on the other computer -> if prompted to a welcome window,  select Open existing File -> Browse -> navigate to the Cloud Storage Folder -> Moneyspire -> Data -> select the file in the folder.
  6. Repeat Step 2 on the other computer

Congratulations! You're all set!

 NOTE: Make sure you're not using Moneyspire on both computers at the same time (either via Moneyspire Cloud or other Cloud Storage), as the changes from only one device would be saved!