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Moneyspire 2016 Release Notes

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Version 16.0.50 (2016/09/10)
  • Fixed Direct Connect issues that were affecting some banks.
Version 16.0.48 (2016/06/24)
  • Fixed issue with printing checks.
  • Fixed issue with Direct Connect with some banks.
  • Fixed issue with reminders sometimes not ending after the specified end date.
  • Fixed issue with File->Save As menu option on some systems.
Version 16.0.47 (2016/06/14)
  • Changed "checks" to "cheques" for U.K. English users.
  • Fixed issue where changes were not automatically saved when app is quit on some systems.
  • Fixed issues with some financial institutions and Direct Connect, and added support for more financial institutions.
  • Can now toggle reminders on and off in Balance Forecast feature so you can experiment with future balances.
Version 16.0.46 (2016/06/07)
  • Fixed issue with help file sometimes not working.
  • Fixed issue with Moneyspire data files not being opened when double clicked.
  • Fixed issue with some detailed report items not being grouped together correctly.
  • Fixed issue with deleting budget.
Version 16.0.44 (2016/05/28)
  • Fixed problem with loading databases that are marked as read-only.
  • Fixed problem where Help->Show Data Folder menu option showed temporary folder instead of actual folder.
  • Took currency symbols out of report and budget screens for easier reading (currency symbol still in heading to denote currency used).
  • Can now specify import start date for OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV file imports.
  • Fixed problem with help button icon not correctly displaying on some Windows versions.
Version 16.0.43 (2016/05/24)
  • Fixed problem with inline transaction form.
Version 16.0.42 (2016/05/24)
  • Updated application icon (icon is now a red checkbox).
  • Changed the way data files are loaded so that files accessed through network will now work properly.
  • Fixed problem with Direct Connect and some financial institutions that report software is out of date.
Version 16.0.41 (2016/05/18)
  • Accounts, Categories, Reminders, Budgets, Payees and Currency windows are now resizable, and their size and location are now remembered.
  • Fixed problem with budgets and currencies that use a comma as a decimal separator instead of a decimal point.
Version 16.0.40 (2016/05/09)
  • Fixed problem with Direct Connect on some account types in version 16.0.38/16.0.39 upgrade.
  • Closed accounts are no longer shown in Direct Connect account list.
Version 16.0.39 (2016/05/09)
  • Fixed problem with amounts with symbols (i.e. "$19.95") not being allowed in amount fields.
Version 16.0.38 (2016/05/08)
  • Calculations that end with an arithmetic operator (but no number) no longer fail (i.e. "14.95+26.99+10+")
  • Importing investment account transactions via Direct Connect, OFX and QFX files no longer unnecessarily asks user to specify account for transaction transfers.
  • Improved Direct Connect and OFX/QFX file importing for non-investment accounts (like checking accounts held at investment brokerages).
  • Added shortcut keys for date fields: "+": One day forward, "-": One day back, "t": Today, "m": Beginning of month, "h": End of month, "y": Beginning of year, "r": End of year.
  • Typing the first few characters of an item in a list will now highlight it (for example, in the Tools->Categories menu option if you type "Foo" it will highlight the item labeled "Food").
  • Fixed issue with negative results being allowed in amount fields when they were not supposed to be allowed (when user inputted a calculation).
  • Improved QIF file import from other financial software applciations.
  • Added "Shares in" and "Shares out" investment transaction actions.
Version 16.0.37 (2016/03/22)
  • Fixed application launch error on OS X 10.7 and 10.8 systems.
Version 16.0.36 (2016/03/21)
  • Can now input calculations directly into amount fields (i.e. "30.23 + 4.95" will result in "35.18").
  • Can now paste values into amount fields that contain symbols (i.e. "$23.54", "(23.54)", "-23.54", etc.).
  • Clicking on a blank spot on the left side bar no longer selects last row.
  • "Category" column header no longer gets cut off on reports in some situations.
  • Updated the popup calendar and calendar button in the date field to make the date field more compact and sleek.
  • Fixed QIF importing issues.
Version 16.0.35 (2016/02/26)
  • Fixed issue with detailed cash flow report not sorting correctly by category name.
  • Fixed issue with deleting payees, and can now select multiple payees when deleting them.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to scroll down accounts on left side.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.34 (2016/02/15)
  • Can now set budget amounts for account transfers.
  • Reports now include account transfers.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.33 (2016/01/26)
  • Fixed issue with split memos not showing up in reports.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect number of splits displayed in transaction register in the category column.
  • Fixed issue with adding split transactions (Windows).
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.21 (2015/11/12)
  • Moved transaction register buttons and search field back to the top.
  • Replaced "+" and "-" headings back to "Credit" and "Debit".
  • Fixed issue with deleting reminders.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.20 (2015/11/04)
  • Today's date on the reminder calendar is shaded so you can easily spot it.
  • Moved transaction register buttons and search to the bottom of the screen for user interface consistency.
  • Made other adjustments to the user interface to improve consistency and ease-of-use.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.18 (2015/10/30)
  • Fixed issue with cleared balance.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.17 (2015/10/29)
  • Fixed issue with reminders accidentally popping up when clicking another window over the reminders calendar.
  • Now reminders in the calendar must be double-clicked to be recorded rather than single clicked (for user interface consistency and to prevent accidental clicking).
  • Changed "Record" button text to "Save" when adding or editing transactions, reminders, etc. to make the functions clearer to understand.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.16 (2015/10/27)
  • Updated graphics and changed reminder calendar day color to make it easier to read.
  • Reminder calendar now shows future upcoming reminders, just not the current upcoming ones.
  • Closed accounts are no longer shown on left side (you can view them in the Tools->Accounts menu option).
  • Added option to print vouchers below checks.
  • Changed "Debit" and "Credit" headings to "➕" and "➖" to make them more clear and easier to understand.
  • Added "Duplicate Transaction" and "Duplicate With Today's Date" features (found when right-clicking a transaction).
  • Added Show Local Data Folder option in Help menu.
  • Added Show Log Folder option in Help Menu.
  • Added Memo Reminder feature which allows you to add non-transaction reminders to remind you of general financial tasks you need to accomplish.
  • Fixed reminder end date issue.
  • Split transactions now display number of splits in the Category column and are colored for easier reading.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for import feature.
  • Open dialogs now attempt to start off in the correct folder when possible.
  • Fixed issue with View->Hide Reconciled menu option not being remembered when application is closed.
  • Now remembers Notes window location.
  • Splits window can now be resized.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.15 (2015/10/15)
  • Fixed issue with initial balance not being correct when setting up Direct Connect for the first time.
  • Added shortcut button to main window for import feature.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.11 (2015/10/05)
  • Fixed issue with Direct Connect feature and some financial institutions.
  • Fixed issue with payee and category popup menus not showing selection without scrolling down.
  • Fixed issue with autocomplete and matching case when adding transaction.
  • Certain date formats now display appropriately in the date field when adding transaction and other functions (Windows).
  • Fixed issue with software auto update.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.8 (2015/10/02)
  • Fixed issue where some list columns were not wide enough on some systems.
  • Fixed issue with transaction register custom date range not being saved when application closed.
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.7 (2015/10/02)
  • Added preference “Use form to add and edit transaction”.
  • Added preference “Don't remember last date when adding transaction”.
  • Added preference “Automatically mark as cleared when adding transaction”.
  • Added preference “Don't automatically mark as cleared when importing transaction”.
  • Added preference “Backup Folder”.
  • Can now hide cleared transactions when Reconciling.
  • Can now resize Reminders calendar.
  • Fixed issue with copying and pasting text when adding/editing a transaction.
  • Added Direct Connect support for more financial institutions.
  • Can now Show Backup Folder from Help menu.
  • Showing Data Folder from Help menu now opens the folder the current data file is in (and not the default data folder).
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.
Version 16.0.6 (2015/09/18)
  • Added transaction register search feature.
  • Added menu option to open folder containing data and backups (Help->Show Data Folder).
  • Other enhancements, changes and fixes.

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