Personal Finance Software Features

Everything you need to have total control over your financial life


  • See all your accounts in one place
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Account types: Bank, Credit card, Cash, Investment, Other asset, Other liability
  • Forecast balances into the future (taking into account future deposits, withdrawals and uncleared transactions)
  • Reconcile with bank statement
List of accounts screenshot


  • Types: Standard deposit/withdrawal, Loan payment, General memo
  • Reminder occurrences: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually
  • Advanced occurrence options (i.e. "Every third Wednesday")
  • Automatically record reminders
  • Create reminders from transactions
  • Reminder calendar with days due and past due
  • Set bill reminders for a specific duration
Add reminder screenshot


  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited parent-child category relationships
  • Specify categories as income, expense and tax-related
  • Generate reports by category
  • Can mark old categories as closed to organize and declutter
Category screenshot


  • Unlimited number of payees
  • Track payee details, such as address, account number, and more
  • Generate reports by payee
  • Can mark old payees as closed to organize and declutter
Payee screenshot


  • Unlimited number of tags
  • Generate reports by tags
Tags screenshot


  • Unlimited number of budgets
  • Track how much you are under and over budget for a category
  • Optional budget amount roll-overs
  • Drill down into budgets and see transaction details
Add budget screenshot

Online banking (Optional)

  • Automatically download transactions using Moneyspire Connect feature
  • Import OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV files from financial institution websites
  • Easily import files from financial institution by drag and drop
Moneyspire Connect screenshot

Supported file types

  • Can export to QIF and spreadsheet (CSV) files
  • Can import QIF, QMTF, OFX, QFX and CSV files from other financial applications (and financial institutions)
File import screenshot


  • Can print checks (including payee address) on pre-printed check stock
  • Calibration tool lets you calibrate Moneyspire to any check stock
Check calibration screenshot


  • Search for transactions by date, amount, number, payee, memo, category and tags
  • Full text search of transactions from the register
Search feature screenshot

International support

  • Supports all world currencies
  • Can download latest exchange rates
  • Can transfer money between foreign accounts
Currencies screenshot
  • Translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian
  • Will default to English for all other languages
Languages screenshot


  • Income vs expense summary
  • Income vs expense detail
  • Monthly comparison
  • Transaction history
  • Balance sheet
  • Expenses chart
  • Net worth trend chart
  • Subtotal by accounts, categories, payees and tags
  • Export to spreadsheet (CSV)
Reports screenshot

User interface and functionality

  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable font size
  • Customizable data locations
  • Customizable sort options
  • Customizable register column order
  • Bulk-edit transactions
  • Copy and duplicate transactions
  • Cut and paste transactions between accounts
  • Learns how to automatically categorize transactions (feature can be turned off)
  • Keeps track of cleared and uncleared transactions and balances

Data file

  • All financial data is conveniently stored in a single file
  • Encrypted by military grade 128-bit encryption
  • Automatic data backup to customizable location

Moneyspire Cloud (Optional)

  • Moneyspire Cloud service to easily share data between multiple computers and mobile devices

Separate personal and business finances

  • Separate your personal and business accounts, expenses, etc.
  • Transfer money between personal and business accounts

File attachments

  • Add an unlimited number of file attachments to your transactions (such as receipts, documentation, warranty information, etc.)
  • Supports all file types, such as Word files, images, PDF files, etc.

Mobile application

  • Manage your finances on the go with the free Moneyspire mobile companion application
  • See all your account balances
  • Record transactions
  • See you upcoming bill reminders
  • See your budget status

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