Moneyspire Features

All the tools you need to take control of your finances.

Manage your personal and household finances

Moneyspire is a great tool for managing your personal/household finances:

  • Manage your accounts, bills and budget all in one place
  • Always know how much money you have, and how much you're spending
  • Keep track of your bill due dates and prevent overdrafts and late fees
  • Use the budgeting and reporting features to keep your spending under control and achieve your goals
  • Use the optional Moneyspire Cloud sync feature to manage finances with your spouse or significant other
  • Generate detailed reports and make tax time easier, such as expense reports containing your tax deductions

Manage your small business finances

Moneyspire is excellent for managing your small business finances, team, organization or project:

  • Manage both your personal and business finances in one place
  • Keep your business expenses separate from your personal expenses with customizable categories, tags and reports
  • Generate reports to see how much income your business is bringing in, and how much expenses are going out
  • Generate reports that make tax time much easier, such as detailed tax deductions for your business expenses
  • Create and track customer invoices
  • Track expenses with detail and precision
  • Create a budget for your team or project to help you stick to it
  • Optionally sync finances between multiple users' computers/mobile devices with Moneyspire Cloud
  • Create reports, such as expense charts, to monitor where your funds are going

Manage all your accounts

  • See all your accounts in one place
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Account types: Bank, Credit card, Cash, Investment, Other asset, Other liability
  • Forecast balances into the future (taking into account future deposits, withdrawals and uncleared transactions)
  • Reconcile with bank statement

Track your bill payments

  • Types: Standard deposit/withdrawal, Loan payment, General memo
  • Reminder occurrences: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually
  • Advanced occurrence options (i.e. "Every third Wednesday")
  • Automatically record reminders
  • Create reminders from transactions
  • Reminder calendar with days due and past due
  • Set bill reminders for a specific duration

Customize your categories

  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited parent-child category relationships
  • Specify categories as income, expense and tax-related
  • Generate reports by category
  • Can mark old categories as closed to organize and declutter

Track your payees

  • Unlimited number of payees
  • Track payee details, such as address, account number, and more
  • Generate reports by payee
  • Can mark old payees as closed to organize and declutter

Customize your tags

  • Unlimited number of tags
  • Generate reports by tags

Create a budget

  • Unlimited number of budgets
  • Track how much you are under and over budget for a category
  • Optional budget amount roll-overs
  • Drill down into budgets and see transaction details

Save time with online banking

  • Automatically download transactions using Moneyspire Connect feature
  • Import OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV files from financial institution websites
  • Easily import files from financial institution by drag and drop

Import/export files

  • Can export to QIF, spreadsheet (CSV) and PDF files
  • Can import QIF, QMTF, OFX, QFX and CSV files from other financial applications (and financial institutions)

Print checks

  • Can print checks (including payee address) on pre-printed check stock
  • Calibration tool lets you calibrate Moneyspire to any check stock

Create invoices

  • Create and track customer invoices
  • Print out invoices and export to PDF
  • Email invoices and get notified when the recipient views them

Search your transaction history

  • Search for transactions by date, amount, number, payee, memo, category and tags
  • Full text search of transactions from the register

Manage international accounts

  • Supports all world currencies
  • Can download latest exchange rates
  • Can transfer money between foreign accounts
  • Translated into English and Spanish
  • Will default to English for all other languages

Create detailed reports

  • Income vs expense summary
  • Income vs expense detail
  • Monthly comparison
  • Transaction history
  • Balance sheet
  • Expenses chart
  • Net worth trend chart
  • Subtotal by accounts, categories, payees and tags
  • Export to spreadsheet (CSV)
  • Email reports in PDF and CSV format

Customize your user interface

  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable font size
  • Customizable data locations
  • Customizable sort options
  • Customizable register column order
  • Bulk-edit transactions
  • Copy and duplicate transactions
  • Cut and paste transactions between accounts
  • Learns how to automatically categorize transactions (feature can be turned off)
  • Keeps track of cleared and uncleared transactions and balances

Keep your financial data secure

  • All financial data is conveniently stored in a single file
  • Encrypted by military grade 128-bit encryption
  • Automatic data backup to customizable location

Sync your Moneyspire data between multiple computers/devices

  • Moneyspire Cloud service to easily share data between multiple computers and mobile devices

Separate your personal and business finances

  • Separate your personal and business accounts and expenses
  • Create detailed reports for either your personal or business income/expenses, or both
  • Transfer money between personal and business accounts

Attach files to transactions

  • Add an unlimited number of file attachments to your transactions (such as receipts, documentation, warranty information, etc.)
  • Supports all file types, such as Word files, images, PDF files, etc.

Manage your money on the go

  • Manage your finances on the go with the free Moneyspire mobile companion application
  • See all your account balances
  • Record transactions
  • See you upcoming bill reminders
  • See your budget status

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