Release Notes

Get detailed Moneyspire software version history.

Version 23.0.4 - Desktop/Mobile (2022/12/07)
  • Improved cloud sync
Version 23.0.3 - Desktop/Mobile (2022/11/21)
  • Improved cloud sync
  • Resolved issue with Archive Accounts
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 23.0.2 - Desktop (2022/11/17)
  • Darkened background colors on user interface so it is easier to read
  • Made font size bigger on bottom status bar so it is easier to read
  • Resolved issue with invoices badge
  • Resolved issue with budget rollover
  • Added option to preferences to turn off auto-filling last transaction details
  • Resolved issue with auto-filling last transaction details on inline transaction form
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 23.0.1 - Desktop (2022/10/28)
  • Resolved upgrade issue
  • Resolved invoices issue
Version 23.0.0 - Desktop/Mobile (2022/10/27)
  • Brand new 2023 release
  • Improved the look of the user interface and now it is more modern and easier to read
  • Automatically fills in number, amount, tags and memo when adding transaction for a payee (in addition to filling in category)
  • Added status bar with useful information to the bottom of the application window
  • Added a separator line between current and future transactions in the register
  • Balances on left sidebar are now colored
  • Added badge on Reminders tab that shows how many reminders are due/past due
  • When selecting multiple transactions in the register, the total of the transactions is displayed in the status bar
  • Moved Cleared Balance from the register to status bar so the register is less cluttered
  • Can now merge categories
  • Can now merge payees
  • Can now print stub on left side of check
  • Can now right click on a transaction to Split
  • Added a "Window" menu with various shortcuts such as Minimize window, show Accounts tab, and so on
  • Can change transaction register date range and other view options from the status bar to speed up application and customize view
  • Dark Mode for the Moneyspire desktop application is now optional, even when the operating system is set to Dark Mode
  • Transactions are now sorted by check # when checks are on the same day
  • When opening the transaction register, the transaction from the most current date is highlighted instead of the last transaction in the list
  • Reports now support HiDPI on Windows
  • Added hot key to show/hide left sidebar
  • Can now record partial payments for invoices (Pro version)
  • Added badge on Invoices tab to show how many invoices are due/past due (Pro version)
  • Dark Mode for the Moneyspire mobile application is now optional, even when the operating system is set to Dark Mode
  • Added date field shortcut keys on Windows (already supported on Mac): t - today's date, m - beginning of month, h - end of month, y - beginning of year, r - end of year
  • Improved duplicate transaction checker for Moneyspire Connect and file imports
  • Improved Moneyspire Connect feature
  • Improved Moneyspire Cloud feature
  • And many more improvements and fixes