Release Notes

Get detailed Moneyspire software version history.

Version 22.0.15 - Mobile (Android) (2022/08/13)
  • Resolved issue with adding transaction
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.15 - Desktop (2022/08/13)
  • Added Dominican Peso (DOP) currency
  • Resolved issue with exporting Balance Sheet report to spreadsheet
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.13 - Mobile (Android) (2022/05/12)
  • Resolved issue with dark mode
  • Resolved issue with loading data
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.12 - Mobile (Android) (2022/05/01)
  • Initial release
Version 22.0.12 - Desktop/Mobile (2022/03/02)
  • Improved cloud sync
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.11 - Desktop (2022/02/21)
  • Added additional world currencies
  • Resolved issue with Add Transaction window (Mac)
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.9 - Desktop/Mobile (2022/02/07)
  • Can now include sub-accounts in reconcile
  • Improved Moneyspire Cloud sync
  • Resolved Tab issue in transaction window (Windows)
  • Resolved drag and drop file issue (Mac)
  • Parent account total is now display on Accounts screen (Mobile)
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.8 - Desktop/Mobile (2022/01/26)
  • Improved Moneyspire Cloud sync
  • Added additional world currencies
  • Resolved add investment transaction issue
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.7 - Desktop (2022/01/15)
  • Resolved issue with report charts
  • Improved category field
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.6 - Desktop (2021/12/26)
  • Resolved issue with expenses chart
  • Can now copy and paste reports to spreadsheet
  • Timestamp is now added to filename when making a manual backup
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.4 - Desktop (2021/12/16)
  • Improved date field
  • Improved autocomplete feature in category field
  • Improved charts on high DPI displays
  • Can now right click on account in left sidebar to edit it, attach a file and go to website
  • Can now right click on saved report in left sidebar to open Saved Reports window
  • Increased width of invoice number field
  • Added Select All button to Reconcile window
  • Added Dark Mode support (Windows)
  • Installer now asks whether to add a Dock shortcut (Mac)
  • Installer now asks whether to add a Desktop shortcut (Windows)
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.2 - Desktop (2021/11/17)
  • Resolved issue with drag and drop in file attachments window (Windows)
  • Resolved issue with displaying sub-account names
  • Resolved issue with connecting to certain financial insitutions in Moneyspire Connect
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.1 - Mobile (2021/11/08)
  • Resolved issue on Dark Mode
Version 22.0.1 - Desktop (2021/11/08)
  • Improved category field autocomplete
  • Resolved issue with checking for software update
  • Resolved issue with displaying sub-accounts in sidebar
  • Resolved issue with displaying invoices
  • Resolved issue with playing sound effect
  • Other changes and fixes
Version 22.0.0 - Desktop/Mobile (2021/10/31)
  • Brand new 2022 release
  • Can now add file attachments to accounts, such as bank statements
  • Increased file attachment size from 5 to 7 MB
  • Can now limit number of days for backup files
  • Backup filenames now have timestamps
  • Added option to reset colors in preferences
  • Can now export Balance Sheet report to spreadsheet
  • Resolved issue with calculations in amount fields not calculating when clicking the Save/Add/etc. button in some windows (Mac)
  • Can now add subaccounts
  • Can now clear payee, category and tags when bulk editing transactions
  • Can now right-click on transaction or reminder to go to payee's website
  • Can now right-click on an account to go to bank's website
  • Optimized data file size
  • Can now right click on invoice and record payment and mark as paid (Pro version)
  • Added additional world currencies
  • Current account is highlighted on left sidebar
  • Can now delete individual Moneyspire Connect bank connections
  • Now shows market value for investment accounts on left sidebar
  • Resolved issue with typing in investment transaction action and then tabbing to next field
  • Resolved issue with printing checks when no font name was selected
  • Now warns user that untagged transactions will be hidden in reports
  • Landscape designed reports now print in landscape mode
  • Reports have larger font size when font size is increased in Preferences
  • Can now export Advanced Find window results to spreadsheet file
  • Resolved issue with Custom Date Range report option not popping up on second click (Windows)
  • Can now set the credit limit for credit card and view remaining credit
  • Currently selected transaction is now selected again after adding file attachment
  • Can now hide accounts from the left sidebar
  • Plays sound effect when saving transaction (can be turned off in Preferences)
  • Improved dark mode report display and printing
  • Improved category fields so you only need to type part of the category and not the beginning
  • Now will make a backup once a day if you keep the app open and not just when you close the app
  • Resolved OFX/QFX file import issue
  • Can now import QBO files from financial institutions
  • Can now reset the view preferences from register if there are any display or sorting issues
  • Can now right click on transaction in register to mark as cleared or uncleared
  • Added drag and drop option to File Attachment window
  • Improved help manual
  • And many more improvements and fixes